Sunday, 18 April 2010

If everyone else jumped off a bridge...

So I'm not starting a food blog because everyone else is doing it (even though they are) I am starting one because of the following;

1. How much time I spend reading other peoples (mostly about food)
2. Because I have been trying for years to get my thoughts and my family's food background down on paper in a public readable form
3. Because I have a wonderful husband who has not only offered to eat my creations, but also to photograph them nicely.
4. Because in my new job/career I am constantly inspired to come home and cook and
5. Because I can, and I have proof of that by the fact that everyone else is doing it.

I am an American woman finishing off the end of her 20's- Jewish by heritage, food preferences and occasional behavior- with a love of New Mexico where I spent some time growing into myself and my tastebuds- married to a British man and soon to be entering my fourth year of living abroad in London.

I love to cook, to eat, to experiment in the kitchen, to read five different recipes on how to make the exact same dish and then do my own thing, to feed people, to read about the history of food and people and when and why people started eating what they did.

I also love lists.


  1. If everyone else jumped off a bridge you would sit on side, watch them go and then write about the experience

  2. I think you will enjoy this blog a great deal. Kudos